our history

Rossignotti began its business in the year 1840, in Sestri Levante.

The company initially consisted in three shops with a laboratory to develop pastry and a factory for the confectionery’s production.
The first years are characterized by the production of pastry, (especially cookies), and the typical speciality of the region: Pandolce Genovese.

In 1924, in the current factory, started the production of sweets and nougat.
The nougat production, positions Rossignotti as one of the most important supplier between the 1920 and the 1950 both in Italy, both in America.

The philosophy of the company is the same from seven generations: ONLY ONE QUALITY, THE BEST ONE.

The excellent quality of the raw materials, the technological innovation and the deep respect for the ancient recipe’s tradition, give to us an unique and superb goodness of our products.

The historical responsibility of a great reliability with our clients and employees, many different awards and certificates to guarantee the great quality of our products, help our company to grow up year after year.